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What an exciting mission Outreach this was… The sun was out as early as 7:30 am and business was very normal as if covid-19 had never been heard of anywhere in Uganda. We had heavy rains during the camp night but thanks to Bwema sub-county Officials who gave us the community hall to pitch our tents.

We give thanks to the Lord who enabled us carry out the following activities:

Discipleship Classes


As hinted upon last month, this bible class was started on Kibibi Island. The patients were very excited to have this opportunity. During session;

  • A detailed Orientation was done

  • Introduction of the teacher

  • We registered 13 members and issued out 11 bibles.

  • Bible reading plans for April were issued and explained.

  • Two Class leaders were chosen.

  • One couple from this class (HIV) was visited. We hope to visit and listen to the story of at least one couple per outreach.

I Honestly look forward to our next session with this group. You are welcome to join this class progress by typing in the lets chat icon suggestions in the on how to help these people grow in the word of God. The goal is to have them to go out one day and minister Christ to other HIV patients on other islands.

The Older discipleship class. We thank God who brought a new volunteer Robert Wafula who facilitated this class and has decided to put his effort here. The attendance was great; about 19 people all with their bibles, notebooks and pens. What excited us most was finding them in a quiet, prayer filled class with each having deep private devotions with God. This is what we taught in February. we realised these people are learning and are being transformed.

according to their group report, they managed to have group bible studies following the bible reading plans throughout the month.

We issued bible reading plans for April

* We made good contact with Malijja spiritual leaders and God gave us an opening there. Mallija Bible class will start soon. Please join us in prayer for this one.

The Medical team managed to treat as follows;

Malijja Island

Immunisation and Deworming – 78

HIV Testing – 61, one positive

Antenatal Care - 10 mothers, 5 mosquito nets were given out.

HIV Positive Clients food- 16 patients.

Kibibi Island

Immunisation and Deworming – 86

HIV Testing – 75

Antenatal Care - 12 mothers, 5 mosquito nets were given out.

HIV Positive Clients food- 21 patients.

Washable Pads training Program: Training continued smoothly facilitated by Nabaka Eva one of the medical team members.

Children’s Ministry: It's always great to see the excitement on these kids faces as they look forward to receive love, care and teaching of Jesus Christ. It's not very common for kids from the dysfunctional families on the island to receive these.


- Ronnie with New HIV class Leader Nanyonga Joyce

- Discipleship being facilitated by Robert

- Treatment Area

- Women learning to make washable Pads

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