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Islands of Hope Uganda Boat Taxes

604 days ago we purchased a boat to use as a tool to reach the forgotten people of Lake Victoria, Uganda with much needed medical care and to share the hope of Christ. After sitting tied up in customs for several months, we received the disheartening news that the Ugandan government will not waive the taxes despite the boat's intended use for medical care.

We have fought from every angle, with every resource, a battle to have the taxes decreased or waived. After months of mis-information and empty promises, we received the final word from the top tax official in Uganda that the taxes must be paid in full.

In the last year we have served more than 2600 patience, nearly all of whom heard the gospel. We have administered much needed medical care and provided life saving health services to countless men women and children.

When the boat is released from customs, we will be able to triple our outreach efforts as we begin serving four additional islands that are simply out of reach at this time. Every penny given through this campaign will go directly towards paying the taxes for the boat so we can get it released from customs and begin using it to reach those in need.

If 1133 people gave just $20, this need would be met. If 453 people gave $50, this need would be met.

Support of any amount is GREATLY APPRECIATED as we continue to serve the island communities of Lake Victory with much needed medical care and the hope of the Gospel.

To donate specifically towards these taxes and helping release the boat from customs please click here. All donations are tax deductible.

Donate HERE

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