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Febraury Mission Updates

It was a great Mission and planned Camp night experience for the team. We enjoyed a beautiful and calm trip with no rains and moderate waves the entire trip.

All volunteers came prepared to spend the night in tents at Bwema Health Centre. The lake taught us this important lesson (Come ready for anything) during January's Mission trip to Kibibi island where the horrible waves forced us to spend an unplanned for night on Bwema island for the very first time.

The lesson has however become an eye opener. We did both outreaches at Kibibi and Mallijja on one day which ended late in the evening, rested in tents at Bwema Island and left early the next morning for Jinja.

The big hearts of the volunteers are enjoying this arrangement and are pushing for a third outreach in the morning before leaving for Jinja.

Ms Violet Phiona Nairuba was able to join and the medical mission team for both missions and faithfully represent Christ by training the Island women the rare skill Making washable pads. After the mission you could see different women groups outside their compounds practising the new skill together.

On Kibibi Island we managed to treat as follows;

Immunisation and Deworming – 140

HIV Testing – 82

Antenatal Care - 15 mothers , 2 Mama kits, 6 mosquito nets were given out.

HIV Positive Clients food- 20 patients.

While on Mallijja Islands we managed;

Immunisation and Deworming – 81

HIV Testing – 74

Antenatal Care - 10 mothers, 2 Mama kits, 4 mosquito nets were given out.

HIV Positive Clients food- 16 patients.

The discipleship class progress and desire to learn more about the Lord by the participants has been very impressive.

We are currently having two discipleship groups. The first group of about 20 members average is attended by four pastors who are also group leaders. Each of these is overseeing a bible study group of 4 registered people. All of these have received bibles and what excites me most is that they are following our bible reading plan and attending Wednesday bible studies well. This particular visit was however attended by only 9 members as most people left for other far island in such for fish.

For this group, this year we started the Ox fund project (A small $140 revolving fund) and through this after their local meetings and decision, we handed to them a well tested spouts of water purifier gadget. This will help both to avail clean drinking water to the island (Clean drinking water was normally got from a main land small land site called Senyi) and an extra needed income within the group. Here they will recollect $100 dollars through selling water which goes for about $0.05 per litre and replenish the fund so that it can fund another projects the Lord brings to light. As financial counsellor i will enjoy to guide them in this.

The second discipleship group and newly formed discipleship group is made up of purely HIV Patients. During this mission we managed to get their numbers, Names, commitment and had one called Okoth George give his life to Christ.


- Women learning to make washable Pads

- Discipleship class

- Children class

- Treatment Area

- Camp night experience

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