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  • Kakaire Ronald

September Update

Today was awesome! Though it dumped this morning on the way out it dried on the way and ended up being very hot. Prenatal clinic saw 17 patients which is the highest we have ever had. It also got an upgrade in that we are now using a camping Thermarest sleeping pad for our exam cot...the ladies loved it! New HIV Program is going great too. 17 patients today, (last month was 6) didn't even have enough bags with beans/soap/MVI :) The coolest story was a woman who had been on ARV's last year but then her house burned and she lost everything. She stopped her meds b/c she did not want to live. She came today after hearing about the beans and after listening to the message of hope given prior to see the patients and giving out the bags, she decided to restart her meds. So amazing to see His hand at work.

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