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  • Kakaire Ronald

Our Boat Will be Arriving Soon!

I just returned last week from a spending a week in North Carolina learning about and seeing the amazing boat the Lord has provided through you! It might have been jet lag :) but I kept getting teary as I saw first hand God's amazing provision and knowing the doors this ministry tool will open for the Gospel and our medical outreaches on Lake Victoria. Hearts will be transformed and lives will literally be saved...what a privilege to be a small piece of His work!

Outreaches are this Wednesday (Kibbi) and Thursday (Malijja Bawanika)...PLEASE PRAY.

Prayer Requests:

1) Providing Care: The island of Kibbi is in the middle of measles outbreak. Two children have already died and statistically speaking 10% to 30% of kids will die from a measles in a place like Kibbi. Please pray that we can be salt and light and very effective medically.

2) Planning & Safe Passage: The boat is will be shipping this month. Pray for wisdom as the final pieces come together. Pray also for angels to protect it, specifically we are asking for a company of Delta Force/Seal Team 6 type of angels rather than little cupids. I don't think there is boogie man in every closet but I do know the devil won't want this boat to arrive safely.


"And the word became flesh and.....fixed up a 20 year old boat better than brand new...". That's what John 1:14 says right? Maybe not, but this team of guys (plus a few more) sure have looked like Jesus as they poured their hearts, time and talents into rebuilding the boat. Amazing!!! THANK YOU Jesus and JAARS!!!

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