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Malijja Buwanika February Update

Our outreach to the island of Malijja Buwanika went great. The Lord provided much needed HIV test kits and we were able to test 68 patients before we ran out with only one positive! We saw 12 pregnant moms, gave out 5 momma kits (everything they need for a delivery from organization called Mercy for Momma) and immunized and dewormed around 35 people. One extra sweet highlight was that one 23 year old man accepted Christ. Papa O, a sweet older man who is a member of our team shared with him about his broken family and then about our Heavenly Father and he just listened and listened. Seven other young men walked away over the course of a few hours but this young man believed! His name is Chandi and we would love it if you could pray that he follows up with the local church and pastor on the island. We told him when we are coming back (Mar 16th) and we will hopefully have Kelsey with us. :) Thank you for giving us the privilege of going.

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