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  • Kakaire Ronald

Kibbi February Update

God is at work on the islands! From a medical standpoint we were able to care for over 100 people with varying needs. We tested 88 for HIV resulting in 6 positives, immunized another 35 patients, 7 moms received antenatal care with 2 receiving delivery packets. These "momma kits" from the "mercy for momma" organization provide all the necessary supplies for a delivery. There were two new local pastors teaching and preaching with us and we also had two Ugandan social work interns give a sanitation message. We are praying about how to effectively incorporate CHE (community health evangelism) teachings into these outreaches.

One really cool thing was, while we were administering care, two prostitutes who came and tested positive heard the gospel very clearly from a couple of women who were sharing. The social workers also heard from a few different ladies that are coming to the outreaches every month that they and their lives have been changed because they hear and see a message of hope! Crazy how powerful and yet simple His love is. Thank you for giving us the privilege of going!

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