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  • Kakaire Ronald

Island Outreach Update

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you for standing with us as He reaches out to the hurting and lost on Lake Victoria! The outreaches have been going great! What a privilege and joy it is to be a part of what the Lord is doing to transform hearts and bodies on the islands.

Each clinic is averaging somewhere around 100 patients. Our first few months it seemed like immunizations were the main draw but now it is definitely HIV testing with 20-30 immunization and antenatal patients too. 10% of the patients tested for HIV have been positive which is pretty staggering when you realize that those at highest risks don't come for testing out of fear.

One bitter sweet theme has been caring for newly diagnosed HIV positive pregnant moms. The painful realities an HIV diagnosis carries are hard, however with treatment the baby's chances of being born with HIV drop from 30% to 40% to less than 1%. What a joy to bring tangible Hope into the darkness.

Prayer Request:

1) Please pray for the "patient mobilizers" (names are "Babu" and "Aisha" on the island of Kibbi and we are trying to find reliable mobilizers on Malijja Bawanika). The patients mobilizers are community health workers who are responsible for mobilizing the patients for our clinics. We have worked to created incentives for them to bring more patients but it is a recurrent challenge. 100 patients per clinic is great but there are far more who could/should be seen.

2) Please pray for more HIV test kits. I found out a few hours ago that the entire Buvuma district (all of our islands are in the Buvuma district) is out of HIV tests kits. Pretty sad on a number levels. However, if I read scripture correctly, He owns the HIV test kits on a thousand hills, right? :) Join us in praying He provides in surprising ways.

3) Please pray for Jesus to shine brightly through our hands (that can be tricky when you are giving shots :) smiles, words, prayers and deeds.

Outreaches dates:

Wednesday, Feb 8th (Kibbi)

Thursday, Feb 9th (Malijja Buwanika)

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